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LATEST NEWS 09:30 Manchester City: Destined to Retain Premier League Title in 2018/19? Manchester City were a class above their domestic rivals last season, finishing 19 points clear of closest ... 18:45 Liverpool vs Manchester United: Confirmed line-ups It's this weekend's big game in the English Premier League as Liverpool host Manchester United at Anfield. ...

LATEST NEWS 11:37 Would Harry Kane Thrive Overseas? He is one of the hottest properties around in English football and rumours persist that he is high on Real ... 15:45 Mauricio Pochettino admits draw against Liverpool is a fair result Tottenham Hotspur head coach Mauricio Pochettino admits this afternoon's 1-1 draw against Liverpool was a ...

Arsene Wenger insists: Olivier Giroud is not just a substitute here at Arsenal Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes striker Olivier Giroud can still be an asset in his squad this season. The Frenchman has struggled to enjoy regular first team football at the... - Read article
Arsene Wenger admits Top Four finish is difficult for Arsenal Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says a Top Four finish will not be easy to achieve for his side despite a vital 2-1 win away at Middlesbrough. The Gunners are currently sixth in the... - Read article
Arsene Wenger explains when striker Lucas will be back in action Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says he has no new injury concerns after the mid-week draw at home against Paris Saint-Germain. Defender Hector Bellerin and midfielder Santi Cazorla are... - Read article

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